Ubi Workshop unveiled a new comic book: Assassin’s Creed: Brahman

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Hi Assassins!

Ubi Workshop has just unveiled a new comic book today at the San Diego Comic-Con. The title of this new comic book is Assassin’s Creed: Brahman.

Here is an exclusive interview with the creators:


Left to right: Aymar Azaïzia, Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerlsch, Serge LaPointe and Cameron Stewart

Hi guys, can you present yourself in a couple of words?Ubi-Workshop_Assassins-Creed_Brahman

Serge: I’m Serge LaPointe, of Studio Lounak, the studio behind Assassin’s Creed The Fall and The Chain comics as well as the upcoming Splinter Cell; Echoes graphic novel coming out this August.

Brenden: Brenden Fletcher, write of comics and mad cinephile. I’m most well-known for working with my pal Karl on the Flash story in DC Comics’ Wednesday Comics anthology. I also play in a band, run a newspaper and live with a cat named Tube Sock.

Karl: I’ve been drawing comic books professionally for many years, mostly working on titles for Marvel and DC Comics. I co-created the Assassin’s Creed comics «The Fall» and «The Chain» with Cameron Stewart, and I’m teaming up with him again for this new instalment. Joining us this time out is my long-time writing partner and man-about-town, Brenden Fletcher.

Aymar: Aymar Azaïzia, from Ubisoft Brand team. I am a Brand Project Manager on Assassin’s Creed and I have been working on the franchise since Assassin’s Creed II, so I’m one of the veteran!

What is your job on Assassin’s Creed: Brahman?

Serge: I have the easy job of putting a creative team together, coordinating everything between that creative team and Ubisoft (getting approvals on script, designs and art), as well as; lettering the book, creating the maquette and getting everything ready for print. See… easy…

Brenden: My responsibilities range from co-writing the story of the new comic with Karl Kerschl to providing Serge with daily headache. These things are often not mutually exclusive.

Karl: I created the characters with Brenden and we wrote the script together over a period of a few months. Then my focus shifted to the art end of things. Cameron and I are each drawing half of the book; I’m handling all of the flashback scenes in 1800s India and Cameron is drawing the present-day stuff.

Aymar: I’m acting as a Producer on the comic book, mainly getting sure that we got everything on time but also that everything is brand canon, from the story to the art style. It’s really important for us to be able to expand our franchise with new characters, historical events and stories without betraying our core values and main story.To be honest with such an experienced team of talented people it’s almost a work in the park.

Who’s the main character?

The story follows the adventures of Arbaaz Mir as he faces down a foe who subjugated his land and people and who’s now in possession of an artefact that may be a very powerful Piece of Eden. Will he disobey the Brotherhood and take the life of his greatest foe? Will he uncover the secret of the artefact? Will his connection to Abstergo programmer Jot Soora be revealed?

What is the new story about?


Assassin’s Creed: Brahman explores the nature of identity through several generations of Assassins, leading Jot Soora on a desperate hunt to uncover the mysteries of this past that might save the life of the one he loves in the present. Will his bloodline his destiny?

When and where is the story set?

India provides the stunning backdrop for Assassin’s Creed: Brahman in both the modern day and in the 19th century, opening the door for an examination of the evolution of a culture still in the throes of reinvention since liberating itself from colonial rule.

Why this period?

Brenden: I can say without reservation that this comic book is strongly inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrick. We wanted to do something different – tell a type of story never before seen in the Assassin’s Creed universe – and touch on corners of the brand not yet explored by the video games. Brahman answers a lot of questions and opens a ton of new doors. Fans who want to know what the future holds for Assassin’s Creed beyond Back Flag would be advised to give it a read! Hint! Hint!

Karl: We’re also taking a lot of cues from anime, science fiction and future tech. There’s stuff in this book that you’d never expect to see in an Assassin’s Creed story. We have Ubisoft’s blessing to mix things up and create new characters and explore new ideas. All of it gets rolled back into the overall Assassin’s Creed universe, which is what makes it so exciting to work on.


What kind of research have you made?

Brenden: Sadly, it was impossible for me to travel to India to directly research the story. I had to rely on tons of reading, hours of screening Bollywood films and the odd meeting with Indian expats here and there to clarify historical and cultural details. Karl’s travels through India were also a definite boon to the process.

Karl: I spent some time in Bangalore and Mumbai a few years ago and it’s informed a lot of setting in our present-day story. Unfortunately, I never made it north. I’ll have to save that for a future trip.

Stay tuned for more reveals on Assassin’s Creed: Brahman and I hope you’ll enjoy this new story!

Are you ready for a new quest?

Ubi Workshop

Also available from the same creators:

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  1. Hi,
    I’m a local in Mumbai. If you would like further help I would love to. I also would love to see a Assassin’s creed Game on this.
    I’m there for you guys!!

  2. Hey, I never thought the next Assassin’s Creed game’s story would be related to or placed in India.. I was hoping and wanting it to move to ancient China or Japan, you know the samurai warriors of Japan or Chinese fighters, that would be totally different ’cause of the place and tradition, as Ubi has done very impressive work in covering eastern traditions already. But hey, still I’m excited to see this.. I found the character is portrayed a Muslim from past India. He’ll speak my language and share my values I guess 😀 cheers for the team and good luck and make yourselves proud again! I’m a Ubisoft fan and more of AC’s fan!

    • It would be fun to read the comic. but what concerns me tough is the lack of research. cause the name of the book Assassin’s Creed the Brahman can literally open a new universe for this game franchise. also i am trying not to be rude here but, the name of the character Arbaaz Mir raises red flags to the book and the word Brahman.

  3. Will the Sikhs play a crucial part in this like they did in that era? I would have thought the protagonist would have been one.
    It looks great nonetheless.

  4. Hey! I am excited about this comics and looking forward to AC game based on India. This will be the first video game to be based on India. I believe the story writers will not make mistakes like giving a Muslim man a Hindu name and vice versa. Also please not make any mistakes regarding the languages spoken in India, as there is a misconception that all Indians speak Hindi. Such mistakes has been made previously when India was involved in a story. I love to see pre-colonial India, colonial India and ancient-medieval India. It’ll provide different kind of clothing, weapons and architecture used in previous games.

  5. Been a great fan of Assassin’s Creed from the times of Altair. Never thought it would come to India as well. Really looking forward to reading this.

  6. I’m AC fan & all but ‘Brahman’??..really?…we are still fighting to remove this stupid caste system in India…the atrocities committed by religious fanboys in India in the name of religion & caste are beyond anyone can even imagine. Some people rape, kill, torture, humiliate, deny other basic human rights of others just because these ‘some people’ think they are superiors & doesn’t view lower caste people as human beings. I hope the story line is of recognizing everyone as human beings & not promoting a particular caste or religion thus fueling their superiority complex. (there is a new trend in India, replacing old actual history with fake, made up, glorified version…and people here tend to believe the glorified one because the glorified version gives pseudo-scientific explanations for caste system & other superstitions…most people here have difficulty differentiating fantasy with reality).
    You can already see ‘yay! main character has my religion’ kind of comments here. Everyone here are already fighting over their favorite comic book….I hope I wont see my fellow Indians fighting over another comic book too.

  7. If Ubisoft develops a game on this book it will surely be a superhit in India,and the maximum copies of this game will be sold in India.

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